Creative Birthday Presents – Kid Created

I remember walking into my kitchen and seeing it lying on the counter. It was beautiful. It was wrapped in paper painted with my daughter’s tiny hand prints, and tied with red yarn and a yellow rose from my own garden. Inside was a picture of my two-year-old and me, in a wooden frame that she had painted herself. My eyes began to tear with the realization of the time, attention and love that went into this creative birthday gift.

Creative birthday presents that are handmade by small children make perfect gifts. There are many wonderful ideas that are easy, inexpensive and fun. For babies, toddlers and small children the most personal thing they can create is a hand or foot print. With one of these print projects, you can create special gifts that are memorable and cherished.

First, you need to make some prints.
You will need;

o Old baking pan for your paint
o Washable, non-toxic paint
o Sponge or brush
o Art paper or roll of paper
o A basin of warm, soapy water

For feet, brush or sponge paint on the foot, or dip the foot in the paint. Stand the baby on the paper, lifting the child up and down. A toddler or small child can actually walk on the paper.
For hand prints, you can paint the hands or let the child “grab” the paint themselves. Help them press, and then lift their hands on and off of the paper.

After you’re finished, use the warm, soapy water in the basin to wash off the paint.
Once you have a few “good” prints, let them dry completely and then cut them out. Save your originals and color copy the best prints at your local print shop or on your home printer. These copies are easier to work with and allow you to make multiple creative birthday presents.

Once you have your copies, use the prints and a little creative writing to;

o Glue a print and a birthday wish on the inside cover of a homemade picture or music CD.
o Decoupage the print(s) on a finished piece of wood or ceramic tile to make a plaque.
o Using card stock or construction paper, use prints to make homemade birthday cards.
o Scan the prints and use iron-on transfer paper to create personalized t-shirts, aprons, sweatshirts, pillowcases, etc.
o Frame the print(s), and add the special date in calligraphy

You can also make homemade wrapping paper. Wrap presents in large finger-paint pictures or large pieces of rolled paper that the child has freely painted with their hands or feet. For more fun, play music and ask the children to “dance” on the paper with their painted feet.

Use twine, yarn or ribbon to tie the gift wrap. Cut out a print, punch a hole near the top and thread it through the ribbon for a matching gift tag.

Crafting these creative birthday presents is a great way to spend quality time with your child. The result is a unique keepsake that really shows how much you care.

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Presentation Training May Be All That You Need to Succeed

The very thought of presenting one’s self to the general public can be a daunting one for those who have not undergone any type of presentation training. However, it is a skill that can be learned by even the shyest of all people. Through the implementation of a number of different techniques, you can learn how to become a better presenter, and even a true master of the art of persuasion. Imagine what you could accomplish, if you simply knew what to say, how to say it, when to say it, and when not to speak at all. Thankfully, there is a way to become an excellent persuader, if you commit yourself to this arduous task.

The good thing about knowing where you are in your life is that you can get to where you want to be in a matter of months. If you feel that your presentation skills are rather lackluster, simply make a choice to enlist the assistance of someone who is an expert in presentation training. When we look upon a great public speaker, all that we see is the finished result. We do not see the many hours that it took to get to the point where that person is today. The same will be able to be said of you when you acquire the essential skills that you desire. One easy way to learn these skills is by going to the library and looking for books about public speaking, presentation mastery, and other related subjects. Also, you can imitate the vocal mastery of a highly trained orator whom you admire. This could be someone that you know from church, a co-worker, or a business associate. Additionally, you can learn from companies that specialize in teaching others how to present in a public setting.

Since public speaking is feared by such a large portion of our population, the need to learn proper presentation skills is in great demand. Regardless of your reason for wanting to further develop your presentation skills, the sooner that you begin on the journey to presentation mastery, the faster that you will arrive at your destination. As a matter of fact, you will learn a large number of valuable lessons during your training. You can learn incredible lessons such as looking calm on the outside while being scared on the inside, the fact that silence can speak volumes, why folding your arms is not always the wisest thing to do, and many other amazing lessons regarding presentation skills.

Another highly valued skill that many top notch presenters possess is that of being a PowerPoint software expert. Having excellent PowerPoint abilities can allow you to create and give a very compelling presentation. The entire goal of each event that you conduct is for the people that attend your presentation to do what you wish them to do. As long as a certain portion of your audience does as you say, you are doing very well in your presentations.

In the end, you can choose to learn how to become a better presenter via an internet course, an offline school, or a college course. The best courses will allow their students to give each other constructive feedback, give you a chance to present in front of your classmates, and coach you on every aspect of presenting that is imaginable. If you work hard, practice in front of people, and give more and more talks, you will greatly improve your skills via presentation training.