Enlightenment Is A Journey To The Present Moment

Enlightenment is a journey; it is a way of seeking to understand all that is important and the truth of our own being. It is a goal and at the same time a way of existing in the world. It is without trying and without finding, for it is a presence that is already within. Each of us is capable of discovering peace, happiness, and truth, if only we are able to let go long enough to see that we already exist in such a state. We exist in a realm full of creation. So much is going on endlessly around us. To see clearly all the changes and possibilities of life is to be present, to be at one with what is constantly happening.

We do not become separate from all things on purpose; this is not what we seek. To bring ourselves back, to tune ourselves back in, so to say, is to know truth for what it really is. When we are in the moment, really present, here is enlightenment. Enlightenment is not something that takes you away and makes all your problems disappear. Enlightenment is truth, you see what is, without anything more. Here is where all seems easy and right, for you are not balancing ideas, thoughts, temperaments, and all that you have created with the simple moment that you are in.

There is no complication in life, no struggle, no one way of being. Life is very fluid- just as all that exists moves and changes, so do we as human beings. When we let go of the struggle, of the need to control, when we see ourselves for simply for who we are, nothing more nor less, this is enlightenment.

It is not a way of being but of letting go. Of saying yes, I see life, I will not conform or constrict how it should be. I will let it be as it is. In this place I will let myself be as I truly am with no changes or restrictions, no balancing acts. Just simply ‘I’ existing in the here and now, all time and movement flowing through and around me. Creating nothing that is false, but seeing the moment clearly.

Our judgments and perceptions play a huge role in our happiness. If a moment passes that causes us grief in some way, let it go, for it is just a moment in passing. Create nothing more, hold on to nothing- this is often the biggest mistake. See the moment and let it be. Life is not meant to be worked against, rather it is meant to be enjoyed and lived in the fullest way possible. Let go of control by mind, heart, ego, all sense of need for anything to be a certain way and see life for what it is.

Life is far simpler than the one we create in our minds. We are meant to float along, existing in moment after moment, free to experience life as it really is. Do not let your mind cloud over your existence, free up your heart to be present in the now. The more we relate to the past, the more we restrict our future.

Time is not a race or something to fear. It is pure. It is nothing more. Enlightenment comes from really being present, from being I in the now, no more. Truth is already there, everywhere continually, for all to see. We can each exist in this state. No tricks or long roads, it is something that can happen today. It is by accepting change, by being present, that you begin to find peace within and throughout.

Life is full of promise and experiences, don’t miss out on any of them. Give yourself the chance to see life, to feel it, and to live it fully by reminding yourself that there is nothing but now and I, simply the truth and no more. Here is the freedom, the knowing, and the seeking all in one moment for each of us to see just as it is.