List of Persons Who Deserve a Present From the Newlywed Couple

The best way to thank those people who made everything possible is to give them presents. Since offering gifts to every attendee would be very costly, here are some of the important people who deserve to receive a token of gratitude namely:

Preparing for a wedding day is not as simple as you think. You need lots of help from the people around you to make it a success. In return, it is appropriate to offer gifts of thanks to the following who have helped you carry out your plan:


Since they are one of the most important people in your lives, they deserve to receive a special gift from the couples. They should be given honor because without them, your wedding day would have not come into realization. They have brought the two of you out of this world; therefore, for once they should be acknowledged.


For being there always since the start until the end, it is high time for you to show your appreciation by offering a simple token of appreciation. Depending on your budget, the presents may be customized and well-thought of. It could be something that she has been praying for to receive or it could be a piece that you think best represents her as a friend. Regardless of the kind of gift, what counts most is the thought that you consider her as a special part of your life.


The groomsmen’s responsibilities include but not limited to the following: assist you through the entire wedding preparation up to the ceremony, act as ushers for those who don’t know the seating arrangements, and receive the gifts from the guests in your behalf. These are just few of the many things they do for you to make everything possible. Aside from being your assistant, they also pay for their suits and shoes just to look good on your special day. You are so lucky to have them by your side since your younger days up to the coming days in your life as a married man. As a way of thanking your buddies for their presence, hand them nice groomsmen gifts to make them feel significant and treasured. You can choose something according to their hobbies; something that they enjoy using. They don’t have to receive identical gifts, give something you is within your budget. They will surely appreciate it because you have given it out of sincerity.

Maid of Honor

As a personal assistant, it is not easy standing there to accommodate all your needs. Since the planning of the wedding, she has sacrificed her precious time to be with you even during rehearsals. She had a hard time looking for the best dress to don just to look gorgeous on your big day. All these things are made only for you because you are dear to her. To show your gratitude, allocating a budget for her presents is not a bad idea. Together with a small note, this is already a concrete way of conveying your message of thanks to her.

Best Man

As a counterpart of the maid of honor, the best man also deserves to be recognized. Since best man is almost always the closest friend or relative of the groom, try offering him a precious token that he will never forget. It might be something that he can use everyday in his office such as a customized pen, a water jug, a belt, or anything that you think will be useful for him. By knowing his personal preferences, you will find it easy to determine what his likes or needs are.


It also a good practice to hand over some gifts to the children who are part of your entourage such as the flower girls, ring bearer, and bible bearer. Since they are children, receiving gifts always mean something to them. Pick cute little things that they may enjoy playing or using. You may even opt to give miniature cakes or bars of chocolates if you like. There is nothing much to worry when it comes to giving gifts to children since they consider it a treasure whenever something is given to them.

Enlightenment Is A Journey To The Present Moment

Enlightenment is a journey; it is a way of seeking to understand all that is important and the truth of our own being. It is a goal and at the same time a way of existing in the world. It is without trying and without finding, for it is a presence that is already within. Each of us is capable of discovering peace, happiness, and truth, if only we are able to let go long enough to see that we already exist in such a state. We exist in a realm full of creation. So much is going on endlessly around us. To see clearly all the changes and possibilities of life is to be present, to be at one with what is constantly happening.

We do not become separate from all things on purpose; this is not what we seek. To bring ourselves back, to tune ourselves back in, so to say, is to know truth for what it really is. When we are in the moment, really present, here is enlightenment. Enlightenment is not something that takes you away and makes all your problems disappear. Enlightenment is truth, you see what is, without anything more. Here is where all seems easy and right, for you are not balancing ideas, thoughts, temperaments, and all that you have created with the simple moment that you are in.

There is no complication in life, no struggle, no one way of being. Life is very fluid- just as all that exists moves and changes, so do we as human beings. When we let go of the struggle, of the need to control, when we see ourselves for simply for who we are, nothing more nor less, this is enlightenment.

It is not a way of being but of letting go. Of saying yes, I see life, I will not conform or constrict how it should be. I will let it be as it is. In this place I will let myself be as I truly am with no changes or restrictions, no balancing acts. Just simply ‘I’ existing in the here and now, all time and movement flowing through and around me. Creating nothing that is false, but seeing the moment clearly.

Our judgments and perceptions play a huge role in our happiness. If a moment passes that causes us grief in some way, let it go, for it is just a moment in passing. Create nothing more, hold on to nothing- this is often the biggest mistake. See the moment and let it be. Life is not meant to be worked against, rather it is meant to be enjoyed and lived in the fullest way possible. Let go of control by mind, heart, ego, all sense of need for anything to be a certain way and see life for what it is.

Life is far simpler than the one we create in our minds. We are meant to float along, existing in moment after moment, free to experience life as it really is. Do not let your mind cloud over your existence, free up your heart to be present in the now. The more we relate to the past, the more we restrict our future.

Time is not a race or something to fear. It is pure. It is nothing more. Enlightenment comes from really being present, from being I in the now, no more. Truth is already there, everywhere continually, for all to see. We can each exist in this state. No tricks or long roads, it is something that can happen today. It is by accepting change, by being present, that you begin to find peace within and throughout.

Life is full of promise and experiences, don’t miss out on any of them. Give yourself the chance to see life, to feel it, and to live it fully by reminding yourself that there is nothing but now and I, simply the truth and no more. Here is the freedom, the knowing, and the seeking all in one moment for each of us to see just as it is.

Presentation Skills Master Class

Recently I participated in a workshop organized by the Suisse Romande chapter of the International Coaching Federation. The workshop entitled ‘The Coach as secure base: the foundation for building trust’ was presented by Professor George Kohlrieser of IMD in Lausanne. My initial intention in writing about this was to summarize and communicate the learning I took away from the workshop. However, I have also chosen to write about communication and presentation skills, both of which are development areas for many of my clients.

George Kohlrieser is the consummate professional when engaging an audience and getting his message across. Due to factors beyond his control he was a little late for the event. After a day’s work which finished with him giving a presentation to 500 senior executives (a last minute request) one could forgive him (and us) for being a little jaded. However he launched into his presentation with a few self-deprecatory and funny remarks which had the workshop participants laughing uproariously and soon we were almost eating out of his hand.

The enthusiasm and passion George has for his subject were palpable. He has a background in clinical psychology and, in addition to his work on leadership development at IMD, he is frequently involved in hostage negotiations around the world. One might of thought that this was the first time he had given this particular presentation given the energy and freshness he brought to his delivery, but I am guessing he has given the core of the content many times.

This leads to a key requirement that many presenters forget. What will interest the audience in what I have to say, and/or how can the audience use the information imparted practically? Frequently, presenters try to deliver exactly the same message to many different audiences and consequently there is a discrepancy between the message delivered and the message received. George remained faithful to the context and the professional interests of the majority of his audience, i.e. professional coaches. I would bet that every participant in this event could take some learning away and use it the next day in his or her work.

To call it a presentation would be misleading. It was a highly interactive experience with frequent demands on the participants to respond to challenging questions thrown at them, or to interact with fellow participants to try out some technique, and/or engage in a role play.

Throughout, George gave the impression that he could learn at least as much from us as we could learn from him. He listened actively to all questions and comments, asking clarifying questions or recapping what he had understood when necessary to ensure he could respond accurately. In this way he built rapport and trust with every participant.

His discourse included a mix of professional and personal anecdotes which always adds to the interest and understanding of participants. I certainly felt that I was gaining an insight into the man, both professionally and personally. His description of his first involvement in a hostage taking, during which a man held a pair of scissors to George’s throat, threatening to kill him, had me on the edge of my seat. Happily he was able to bring the situation to a satisfactory conclusion with the man deciding to give himself up to the waiting policemen, and thanking George for helping him see a better way out of the situation.

George did have a PowerPoint presentation but I only remember seeing a few slides which he used when he felt they could add value to the learning, and he certainly did not need the slides as a prop. He used several quotations to highlight points or to stimulate thinking. What was helpful about the slides was that each participant received a hardcopy at the end.

Finally, ever available and gracious although by now it was after 10 p.m., George took questions, signed copies of his latest book Hostage at the Table and wrote a personal and individual message for each person.

If you get the opportunity to participate in a workshop animated by Professor George Kohlrieser TAKE IT. If you have a personal or professional interest in coaching, I recommend that you attend a monthly meeting of the ICF.